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Cap heat press
Cap heat press
Cap heat press
Cap heat press


TEXI HP-0306FC cap heat press. An easy-to-use press for thermal transfer printing on caps. High-quality transfer press with auto-release function.

Modern heat transfer press for caps

The TEXI HP-0306FC thermal press is the best press on the market for transferring patterns to caps - trucker hats, 5-panel caps, visors and others. The press is very easy to use. Using the touch panel, set the appropriate temperature and heating time. We can remember specific settings in the machine's memory. The precise clamping mechanism guarantees even pressure and temperature distribution over the entire surface. The automatic release of the pressure reduces the risk of burning and guarantees that each pattern will be heated exactly as long as it is needed. The non-stick surface of the pressure plate ensures easy cleaning after use. Durable steel and aluminum construction allows for efficient use of the press.

Universal heat press for caps

The TEXI HP-0306FC transfer press allows you to perform printed heat transfers, screen printed transfers, heat transfer vinyl, sublimation, rhinestones, embroidery patches, and more. Easy work with the press is guaranteed by an advanced 5-inch digital touch screen, which allows for constant control over all transfer parameters. Using the technologically advanced panel, you can select the language, set the date and time, switch between degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius and view production statistics.

Basic parameters of the TEXI HP-0306FC transfer press:
Heating plate dimensions: 3 "x 6" / 7.62 x 15.24 cm
Maximum temperature: 225 ° C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.5%
Machine weight: 15.88 kg
Power supply: 220V
Power consumption: 0.4kW