Laser machine for cutting and engraving

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Laser machine for cutting and engraving
Laser machine for cutting and engraving
Laser machine for cutting and engraving


Texi Sirius 960 - CO2 plotter for cutting and engraving. A laser device for cutting and marking fabrics, wood, plastic, plexiglass, rubber, glass and ceramics. CO2 laser with a power of 80 W and a working area of 900 x 600 mm.

Modern laser cutting and engraving

Texi Sirius is a professional device for cutting and engraving that allows you to obtain unusual effects in the production of clothing, leather goods, upholstery, advertising products, toys, decorations or packaging. The maximum working area of the device is 900 x 600 mm. The machine is equipped with a 2" lens as standard - designed for engraving graphics with medium detail and resolution and cutting medium thickness materials Texi Sirius is equipped with water cooling, smoke extraction with a turbine. The height of the honeycomb table and blade table is electrically adjustable.
The CO2 laser power of the Texi Sirius is 80 W. The device cuts at a speed of - 0-600 mm/sec, engraves at a speed of - 0-1060 mm/sec, the positioning accuracy is +/- 0.05 mm. The machine is equipped with a convenient 3 "LCD panel and energy-saving AC SERVO motors. The included software efficiently maps RGB colors, assigning different laser power to the appropriate layers.

Additional laser equipment

The Texi Sirius CO2 laser comes standard with RDWorks v8 and Laserwork v6 software, which supports graphic files such as PLT, AI, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, etc. Additional optional equipmentfor this device are: a rotary device that allows you to engrave round objects e.g. cups, decanters, bottles; focus lens 3" for cutting thicker materials (when ordering a lens, you must also order a matching laser head).

The Texi Sirius 960 CO2 laser is covered by a 12 month warranty.