Laser fume extractor

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Laser fume extractor
Laser fume extractor


Fume extractor can be used on medium power laser cutting, engraving, marking, coding and welding equipments to filtrate laser fume & toxic gas. Strict welding and painting technology achieve to high tightness and corrosion resistance cabinet. Specific sound absorbing materials reduce operating noise to improve operation efficiency. European imported low-power blower, new high pressure technology, small size, brushless design & electronic speed adjustment. It can effectively absorb particle and extend filter life of less power.

The filtration system consist of three parts, they are G3 class primary-filter, F5 class pre-filter, HEPA main filter and gas filter. G3 & F8 class pre-filter, can be adsorbed middling particles in the air to avoid main filter is blocked. Main filter consists of efficient HEPA element, in independent tests, these filters remove 99.997% of all particles above 0.3 microns and 95% down to 0.01 micron. Gas filter layer formed by the chemical materials can effectively remove harmful smoke and odor in the air.

After multi-stage dust filtration, can be directly emitted in the room without expensive & complex exhaust project. The indoor temperature can be stability, and save energy. There is no indoor negative pressure to maintaining the air cleanliness.

- Max. air flow: 1000 m3/h
- Input capacity: 750 W
- Air pressure: 2000 pa
- Noise: less than 65 dBA
- Input power: 220V, 50Hz

The filters should be changed regularly, depends on the working period intensity of the device. Generally, the period to change as per below:
1) PA-1500FS Primary filter: 1st layer is G3 Primary filter, normally need change 1-2 times per month.
2) PA-1500FS Pre-filter: 2nd layer is F5 medium efficiency filter, normally work for 1-3 month.
3) PA-1500FS Main filter: 3rd layer is F8 washabel filter plus H13 class HEPA filter, normally work for 4-6 months.
4) PA-1500FS Gas filter: 4th layer is Activated carbon filter, normally work for 5-8 months.