Ironing Steamers



Texi Master Plus is a professional steamer for vertical ironing ,refreshing and smoothing wrinkles. Using hot steam, it effectively removes fungi, mites, bacteria and unwanted odors.

Comfortable vertical ironing

Texi master Plus steamer is perfect for vertical ironing of garments, curtains and ,artificial fur and felt. A steamer is irreplaceable for ironing very delicate fabrics and clothes that are difficult to iron: with sequins, beads, ruffles, and other applications. Texi Master Plus steamer will work wherever conventional iron is not enough. The device irons efficiently without the need of ironing board. Steamer does not burn nor glow materials . It is also perfect for refreshing coats, blazers and jackets etc. Vertical steam iron will also work well in cleaning upholstered furniture, sofas and carpets. A versatile Texi Master Plus steamer is recommended for use in clothing stores, ateliers, tailor's workshops, laundries, hotels and in households.
Due to the hygienic properties of hot steam, vertical iron Texi Master Plus is especially recommended for allergy sufferers.

Modern Texi steamer

Texi steamer is easy to use, compact and mobile. The device is equipped with a special attachment for brushing and pressing the edges. The machine also has a convenient, telescopic and rotating hanger with clips for ironed clothes. Texi Master Plus vertical iron is characterized by high power - up to 2200 W , and the 12-step regulation allows for precise temperature, and steam intensity to be adjusted to the material. Steamer is ready to go just in 50 seconds . A large water container - 3.8 liters - allows for continuous operation for 70 minutes. Efficient Texi Master Plus steamer will meet even the highest requirements and will reduce the ironing time to a minimum. Texi Master Plus steamer can be used with tap water , and an acoustic signal will inform us about the need to refill the tank.

Technical parameters and accessories included:
Ready to work - after 50 seconds
Power - 2200 W
Power regulation - 12 levels
Uninterrupted working time with a power of 2200 W - 70 minutes
Uninterrupted working time with a power of 550 W - 181 minutes
Steam flow - 55 g / min
Water container - 3.8 liter
Cable length - 2.2 m
Steamer's hose - 1.7 m

Working time at individual power levels:
550 W - 181 min
700 W - 152 min
850 W - 136 min
1000 W - 123 min
1200 W - 109 min
1400 W - 97 min
1600 W - 86 min
1800 W - 81 min
1900 W - 78 min
2000 W - 75 min
2100 W - 72 min
2200 W - 70 min

Rotating stainless steel stand
Foldable hanger
Trouser clips
Convenient in use water tank
Siliconized wheels

Weight 6.2 kg
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Warranty - 2 years

Technical specification:

Power supply 220-240 V
Collapsible hanger yes
Power of steamer 2200 W
Water tank capacity 3.8 l