5 1/4" (13 cm) Titanium coated hobby - craft scissors

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5 1/4" (13 cm) Titanium coated hobby - craft scissors
5 1/4" (13 cm) Titanium coated hobby - craft scissors


Titanium shears are perfect for cutting fabrics, foils and cardboards. Irreplaceable in the textile industry. Works great both with woven and knitted fabrics.

Maximum resistance
Blades of Titanium scissors are resistant to rust, abrasion and acids. Also resist the stickiness of adhesives, tapes, materials and other residues from the production process. After cutting the blades remain smooth and not sticky.

Sharpness, lightweight, comfort
Blades surface hardened with titanium. The special kind of sharpening enables easy and clean cutting. Soft, non-slip grips give you comfort during long hours of work. Lightweight and ergonomics of scissors support cutting smoothness.

No clearance
Special "anti-relieve" screw resistant to loosening of scissors provides durability of use. Guarantees also increased pressure surface, thanks to which blades cut precisely on the whole length, also light materials.

30-year warranty
For Titanium scissors we provide a 30-year warranty. Hologram on the packing ensures that you are using the original product.

Box = 12 pcs., carton = 144 pcs.