Automatic one-layer cutter, cutting width 180 cm

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Automatic one-layer cutter, cutting width 180 cm
Automatic one-layer cutter, cutting width 180 cm
Automatic one-layer cutter, cutting width 180 cm


Texi XYZ 2518 is a single-layer cutter designed for cutting fabrics, synthetic materials, technical fabrics, leather, artificial leather, paper and other materials.

Modern single-layer cutter

The Texi XYZ 2518 cutter is characterized by high efficiency and speed thanks to the use of high efficiency and durability of servo motors.
Built-in table transport allows continuous work and significantly speeds up the production process.
Thanks to the possibility of disassembly into parts the Texi XYZ 2518 cutter is easy to transport and assemble at the customer's.

The device offers comprehensive solutions in the furniture, clothing, automotive, leather, composite, printing and advertising industries as well as technical textiles.

Texi XYZ 2517 single-layer cutter

It was designed to maximize the efficiency of the cutting room, at the same time guaranteeing savings in fabric consumption and precise cutting.
Standard equipment:
Two cutting heads. Up to three heads for various applications can be installed. Additional head and tools can be purchased separately.
Table with built-in transport
Rotary PRT tool
EOT oscillating tool
Universal tool for UCT cutting (Drag knife)
The pen
AC servo motor
Operator station with a built-in touch panel

- dimensions of the device 320 x 240 cm
- working area of 250 x 180 cm
- maximum cutting speed 1500 mm /s
- cutting accuracy up to 0.1 mm
- maximum cutting thickness up to 50 mm
- AC Servo motors
- 7.5 kW turbine power
- total power of the device 10 kW
- power supply of the device 380V, 3 phases
- software in English,
- file support: PLT / HPGL, DXF,